"The team with best athletes doesn't usually win. It's the team with the athletes who play best together." Lisa Fernandez


The objective of the Sioux Falls Flash Softball Club is to develop and improve the skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship of our athletes. It is also our intent to develop these young girls with the skills and character to pursue collegiate level play if that is their intention.  We are a competitive 14 and under girls’ softball team.  The girls and coaches are very dedicated and committed to a prosperous season, on and off the field.

Upcoming Fundraisers: 

  1. January 8th, 2018 @Sunshine Foods in Brandon, SD: come out and let our girls bag your groceries for you!
  2. January 22nd, 2018 @Pizza Ranch in Brandon, SD: come on out for some great food and let our girls clear your dishes, fill your cups and help you enjoy a night out!


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